Company Mission

SUDAU AGRO GmbH was founded in 1996 by Dipl.agr.Ing. Martin Sudau and offers additives and micronutrients for professional crop production.

Our goal

We aim to make the application of crop protection products more effective, cleaner and more economical.

We support farmers in making the use of crop protection products more efficient and economical. It is our goal to secure yields and quality while fulfilling the rising demands of environmental protection.

The application of crop protection products can be significantly improved through the appropriate additive technology.

This helps to reduce losses of active substance and to improve the biological performance, e.g. when using drift-reducing injector nozzles, low water volumes or reduced product application rates.

Professional crop protection is more decisive for a farm’s success than any other cropping measure.

Spray treatments can be economically and biologically optimised by using the right additive. The required treatments can be performed with adapted application rates. This means: Minimal costs, optimal efficacy of the applied product, resource-conserving crop protection with significantly lower spreading losses.

Saving potentials

The application of crop protection products, even with state-of-the-art technology, is a process that is subject to a great number of external disruptive factors.

We contribute to more environmentally sound crop protection practices by improving the application technology. Here, there are often much more extensive savings potential than in simply reducing the application rate.

If we succeed in applying 20% more active substance on target, everyone benefits!

Meticulous product development and manufacturing

For the manufacturing of our products, we ensure that the raw materials come from reputable sources that are able to guarantee both consistent quality and compliance with our environmental standards. The formulation itself only takes place at certified facilities.

In addition to high quality of our products, we place great importance on maintaining a personal relationship with all of our customers. In a field where there is a high demand for technical knowledge and expertise upon the users of crop protection products, the exchange of know-how with local farmers is the driving force for the development and authorisation of our new products.


The best product only helps if it is available at the right place and the right time. We know all about the special requirements of farming operations in terms of the timely shipment of crop protection products, and we are ready to deliver. Our products are despatched from our logistics centre, a computerised high rack warehouse, and are delivered within 24 hours to any location in Germany.

By the way, there are no long waiting times – we aim to answer every enquiry within 15 minutes at the latest.

Just call us, we are always happy to hear from you.

Your Martin Sudau

Successful farms benefit from the potential of additive technology

Additives from SUDAU AGRO have been successfully used to improve efficacy for more than 15 years. In a multitude of research trials, we develop new expert application recommendations for our customers.

By the way: Just like crop protection products, additives are also subject to registration procedures and must only be used when they comply with the requirements of the Plant Protection Law.

Elaborate quality inspections throughout the entire production process ensure that our farmers are always supplied with optimum products.

Meanwhile, the product palette of SUDAU AGRO allows farmers to significantly improve the efficiency of the applied products for all important crop protection treatments, and therefore contributes to more cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.