for professional crop production


SUDAU AGRO is an owner-operated company based in Germany.

We are offering farmers products that enable targeted and low-loss application in plant protection since 1996.

We are convinced that chemical plant protection with a low-loss application technique makes an important contribution to sustainable food production.

We see the need to reduce the use of chemical plant protection agents and synthetic fertilisers.

For us, however, biological plant protection and chemical crop protection do not represent irreconcilable views to the world.

Adjuvants and formulations are indispensable in every application of biologically active substances in order to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness.

For this reason, we are consistently moving towards move bio-based products in our product development, denying agronomical knowledge that has been generated over the last four decades.

Using bioinformatics, agriculture is now in a position to make faster progress on the path towards modern biological plant protection products.

In addition to targeted treatment in acute infestation situations, the use of nutrient complexes, biostimulants and microorganisms in crop production is becoming more important in the future.

Sciene is beginning to better understand microbiological processes in the soil and we make use of them for plant nutrition.

SUDAU AGRO starts where conventional N-P-K fertiliser ends.

Our product range is therefore reading:

Adjuvants and micronutrients for professional crop production

We know the requirements in crop production.

For you, this means: we know that things sometimes have to happen quickly!

Our products are delivered from our logistics centre to doorstep on farm anywhere in Germany within 24 hours.

By the way, there are no queues and no answering machines with us.
Our goal is to answer every enquiry immediately.

Talk to us, your call is always welcome.

Best regards,
Martin Sudau