Absorption and anti-drift agent
for soil-applied herbicides

Soil herbicides stay where they have been put on.


Absorption and anti-drift agent for soil-applied herbicides.

Film formation for herbicides applied at pre-emergence and early post-emergence.

Active substance: Surfactant complexing agent, anti-drift polymer, methylated vegetable oil


  • Better reliability of efficacy with the same application rate
  • Less losses due to active substance leaching into the root zone
  • Less phytotox in case of rainfall after the herbicide application
  • Uniform distribution of the herbicide film on the soil surface
  • Stops drift, precise placement

Product description

BOSTAT fixes the herbicide film.

BOSTAT is the adjuvant for soil-active herbicides. It contains non-ionic surfactant complexes, adhesive additives, emulsifiers, and an oil component that facilitates the targeted deposition of the active substance on the soil colloids. An additional anti-drift polymer ensures that the high-drift fraction of fine droplets is minimised and very uniform medium-sized droplets are formed. This allows more of the active substance to be applied on target and evenly on the surfaces. BOSTAT provides a stable herbicide film in the topmost soil layer. Emerging weeds are therefore reliably controlled.

BOSTAT reduces leaching losses into the sensitive root zone of the crops. This results in better efficacy against emerging weeds, improved crop tolerance and greater stability of the herbicide film.

Product use

BOSTAT is used in tank mixes with all herbicides for pre-emergence and early post-emergence. It can be used in all crops in combination with authorised herbicides.

Application rate:

  • 200 ml/ha
  • 400 ml/ha on light sandy soils

IMPORTANT: Always add BOSTAT last in the spray tank, when all of the other components have completely dissolved!


BOSTAT can be mixed with all soil-active herbicides in pre-emergence and early post-emergence applications.

BOSTAT can be mixed with Ammonnitrateurea (AHL) and water, as well as with pure Ammonnitrateurea (AHL).

Plant tolerance

BOSTAT has exhibited very good crop tolerance in all of the tested applications with soil-active herbicides.

Instructions for use

Prevent residual spray volumes. Only apply as much spray liquid as actually required. Calculate the required spray liquid quantity as precisely as possible before mixing.

  1. Fill 2/3 of the spray tank with water
  2. Switch on the agitator
  3. Add the herbicides according to the manufacturer specifications
  4. Wait until all of the products have completely dissolved and dispersed before adding BOSTAT.
  5. Important! Always add BOSTAT last into the spray liquid

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
88041612 x 1 litres480 litres
8804174 x 5 litres800 litres