The spray tank cleaner that removes
even sticky residues from pesticides

Powerfull – safe – clean with JET CLEAR


Spray tank cleaning agent for removing crop protection product residues.

Reliably removes sulfonylureas, azoles, carfentrazones, growth substances as well as sticky and oily residues from crop protection products.

Active substance: Potassium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, tetrapotassium phosphate, tenside complexes


  • Tested for crop safety
  • Safe for the user
  • With anti-foaming agent
  • Removes persistent, sticky and oily residues
  • Dissolves, neutralises and removes residues from azoles, carfentrazone and phenoxy-herbicides
  • Ideal for cleaning sulfonylureas out of the sprayer
  • Does not cause corrosion

Product description

JET CLEAR® removes pesticides and other residues, including oily substances, out of the sprayer, booms, supply lines, filters and nozzles.

JET CLEAR® removes crop protection product residues, including sulfonylurea herbicides, phenoxies and carfentrazone-ethyl.

Product use

Sprayers should be thoroughly and carefully cleaned after each use. Especially when changing crops and switching between crop protection measures (fungicide / insecticide after herbicides) as well as after the season before winter storage.

Application rates

Flushing liquid 100 L 250 L 500 L 1000 L
Quantity of  JET CLEAR®
Water hardness  1 + 2 0,5 L 1,25 L 2,5 L 5 L
Water hardness  3 0,75 L 1,875 L 3,75 L 7,5 L
Water hardness  4 1,0 L 2,5 L 5 L 10 L

Warning: Do not use concentrated JET CLEAR® on aluminium alloys or zinc-coated or galvanised surfaces. Store product protected from frost. The product may not cool down to a temperature below 0°C during Transport.

Plant tolerance

JET CLEAR® contains three different active substance components that complement each other and therefore provide reliable cleaning results. Active substance residues are dissolved and broken down. Deposits are removed and inactivated.

JET CLEAR® is readily biodegradable and does not accumulate. JET CLEAR® can be sprayed out on the crops together with the cleaning liquid, rinsates are save to the crop.

Instructions for use

  1. Completely empty the sprayer after spraying on the field. Then flush the entire spraying system with water and empty the sprayer on the field.
  2. Rinse the sprayer, boom and lines with clear water, at least 10% of the tank volume.
  3. Fill the tank with water to at least 20% of the tank content and add the required quantity of JET CLEAR®.
  4. Pump the cleaning liquid into the hoses and briefly apply pressure until liquid emerges from all of the nozzles. Then allow to circulate for 15 minutes with the agitator running.
  5. Finally, completely spray out the spray liquid through the nozzles. The liquid is sprayed onto the crop for which the currently dissolved crop protection product is authorised.
  6. Empty the tank completely.
  7. In cases of particularly resistant residues, allow the solution to soak in for 24 hours.
  8. The filters and nozzles should be removed and cleaned separately in a  JET CLEAR® solution containing 75 ml of JET CLEAR® per 10 l of water.

CAUTION: If it is not possible to completely empty the tank, repeat the 3rd cleaning step one more time.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
8805264 x 5 litres800 litres