efficiency booster from natural citrus oil with biodegradable wetting agent


LIMOWET CITRUSÖL – efficieny boaster from natural citrus oil with biodegradable wetting agent

Active substance: Lemonen

Superior superwetting properties
Improves sticking
Enhances penetration properties of the tank mix
Pleasant fragrance of citrus oil

Product description

LIMOWET CITRUS OIL is a superspreader and penetrator agent for use in professional plant protection. LIMOWET CITRUS OIL is used in combination with herbicides, growth regulators, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides and foliar feed. The additive improves leaf wetting and adhesion and helps to intensively active ingredient and improve the absorption into the waxy surface. LIMOWET CITRUS OIL is based on citrus oil and alcohol ethoxylate increase uptake into the waxy leaf surface of the plant. Due to the properties of LIMOWET CITRUS OIL pesticide and fertilizer sprays can be carried out with maximum performance and superior results in all apllications.

Product use

LIMOWET CITRUS OIL is combined with herbicides, growth regulators, fungicides and insecticides in all crops, fruit and vegetables and wine.

Application rates

Adjuvant for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilisers.
Maximum concentration: 0.8% (800 ml/100 l water)

Quantity needed per 100 l spray mixture
Herbicides 120 ml / 100 L
Growth regulators 60 ml / 100 L
Fungicides 180 ml / 100 L
Insecticides 180 ml / 100 L


LIMOWET CITRUS OIL can be mixed with plant protection products and foliar fertilisers.

The instructions for use for the mixing partner are decisive for the application. Tankmixes must be applied immediately and work breaks must be avoided.

Plant tolerance

Only work with a sprayer that has been thoroughly cleaned. LIMOWET CITRUS OIL may dissolve deposits in the spray tank and pipes. LIMOWET CITRUS OIL is compatible in all plant protection applications. No wetting agents should be added in strong sunlight, poor wax layer on the cultivated plant or high temperatures >25°C. If necessary, apply treatments in the morning or evening.

LIMOWET CITRUS OIL intensifies the reaction of sensitive crops to EC formulations.

Fruit cultivation/winegrowing: No use during flowering or during fruit formation in topfruit, grapes and other sensitive crops.

Instructions for use

  1. Fill 2/3 of the spray tank with water.
  2. Add plant protection products
  3. If necessary, fill with liquid fertiliser and micronutrients
  4. Add LIMOWET CITRUS OIL to the spray tank as the last component

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
8801864 x 5 litres800 litres