The fungicide protector

Adhesive and wetting agent, anti-drift
component and evaporation protection
form an invisible umbrella.


MYKO-TOP®, the fungicide protector – Long-lasting activation and preservation for fungicide films.

Adhesive and wetting agent, anti-drift component and evaporation protection form an invisible umbrella.

Active substance: Polyoxyethylene disiloxyanyl propylether + latex polymer


  • Compete wetting of the leaf surface, ears and glumes
  • Protects the fungicide film from being washed off
  • Protects from premature UV degradation during active substance absorption
  • Less translocation of mycotoxins into the endosperm due to precipitation
  • Prolongation of spray intervals in potato blight programs

Product description

MYKO-TOP® promotes the efficacy of fungicides against ear diseases in cereals and leaf diseases in potato and sugarbeet.

MYKO-TOP® stabilises the fungicide protection especially against mycotoxin formation when treating the ears in cereals.

MYKO-TOP® is an adhesive and wetting agent with anti-drift and evaporation protection components. It prevents the fungicide film from being washed off by rain and protects it against premature UV degradation. The deposition, distribution and penetration of the active substance film are improved, resulting in higher stability of the coating.

Product use

MYKO-TOP® ensures optimal distribution and sticking of crop protection products on the plants. Especially for increasing the efficacy of fungicides for the final treatment (ear treatment), in cereals against mycotoxin formation as well as fungal diseases in potato and leaf diseases in beets.

MYKO-TOP® is applied in tank mixes with all authorised fungicides.

Cereals: With MYKO-TOP®, fungicidal active substances are evenly distributed over the leaf surface and in the ears. The sticking components protect the active substance film from wash-off the plant.

Important: The time of application is decisive for the control of fusarium. According to more recent investigations, treatment should already take place before the beginning of florescence. For this indication, the combination of MYKO-TOP® with prothioconazole, tebuconazole, metconazole or dimoxystrobin works best.

When dried, a protective layer is formed that prevents the penetration of rainwater and therefore further spreading of the fungal spores.

Potato: With the addition of MYKO-TOP®, fungicidal active substances (e.g. against Phytophtera infestans) are evenly distributed on the leaves and stems. The latex film protects the active substance against rainwater.

Beets: Fungicide treatments against leaf diseases such as Ramularia beticola, which are spread by rain splash among other things, are optimally promoted and stabilised by MYKO-TOP®.

Wine: MYKO-TOP® improves the sticking and spreading and ensures a perfect spray film on plant surfaces. The formation of a polymer layer provides particularly protection against washing off and UV degradation. This pays off especially under high fusarium pressure.

Application rates

200 ml per 200 L of water (0.1% solution)


MYKO-TOP® can be mixed with all commercially available crop protection products.

Do not mix with other co-formulants, wetting agents, other adjuvants or oils.

Instructions for use

Fill half of the spray tank with water and agitate. Add the recommended quantity of crop protection product and stir well. Make sure that the crop protection product is completely dissolved. With the agitator running, add MYKO-TOP® and then continue to fill the tank. Use the mixed spray liquid as quickly as possible.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
8805304 x 5 litres800 litres