Multi-function additive for
effective crop protection

• Stops water hardeners
• Regulates the pH value
• Optimises active substance absorption


PHFIX®5 multi-function additive for effective crop protection

  • Stops water hardeners
  • Regulates the pH value
  • Optimises active substance absorption
  • Automatically shows the pH value with a change in colour

Active substance: inorganic acid derivative, wetting Agent, colour indicator


  • The spray liquid can be adjusted specifically to the right pH value
  • The integrated colour indicator shows when the spray liquid has reached the right pH value
  • This significantly improves the solubility of crop protection products and foliar fertilisers, especially with hard water filters and nozzles remain clear
  • Multiple mixtures are stabilised and can be applied without any problems
  • The adjusted pH value is maintained even after foliar fertilisers are added, the solution is buffered – i.e. no more loss of efficacy
  • The wetting agent provides optimal distribution and active substance absorption, other adjuvants are not necessary
  • Particularly suitable for combination with insecticides, herbicides (e.g. Glyphosate and phenoxies), growth regulators and fungicides

Product description

Most active substances react positively to a lowering of the pH in the spray water to pH 5 and the elimination of hardeners.

PHFIX®5lowers and buffers the pH value of the spray water. PHFIX®5 colours the spray solution pink as soon as an optimal pH value of 4.5 – 5.5 is reached. With the addition of PHFIX®5 into the spray solution, a pH measuring device, litmus paper or rough estimation are no longer required.

The utilisation of PHFIX®5 neutralises the salts dissolved in hard water and the solution is acidified. This prevents undesired complex formation of crop protection active substances with alkaline ions in the spray water.

Hard water degrades crop protection active substances very rapidly: Already after two hours, 50% of the active substance quantity can be degraded by hard water in the spray tank. For some active substances, 1 hour in the spray tank with hard water can already be too much.

Two reaction cycles, which ensure smooth decomposition of chemical active substances in nature, already begin when the spray tank is filled:

  1. alkaline hydrolysis
  2. salt antagonism

PHFIX®5is the first adjuvant that stops both reactions immediately until the active substance is in the leaf.

PHFIX®5is the intelligent additive with multiple Benefits:

  • Active acidifying agent for the spray liquid
  • Integrated pH value indicator
  • Penetration additive for good wetting and active substance absorption
  • Neutralisation of the water hardness

This results in the best possible utilisation of the applied crop protection active substances.

Product use

PHFIX®5is used to ensure the efficacy of insecticides, growth regulators, leaf-active herbicides, and fungicides.

The additive has a special advantage when using hard spray water and/or water with pH values above 7.0.

When PHFIX®5 is used, other additives to ensure efficacy, such as oils or wetting agents, are no longer necessary.


PHFIX®5can be mixed with all commercially available crop protection products and foliar fertilisers.

Warning: The addition of PHFIX®5 to tank mixes with copper-based fungicides, particularly copper oxychloride, is not recommended because it can cause foliar damage. Mixing sulfonylurea´s not recommended.

Plant tolerance

In practice, PHFIX®5 was tolerated by plants in mixtures with all insecticides, growth regulators, herbicides and fungicides.

Instructions for use

PHFIX®5must always be added first to the spray tank, before other components are added to the tank mix.

PHFIX®5contains a pH-sensitive indicator that colours the spray water pink when the optimal pH value of 4.5 – 5.5 has been reached.

The determination of the precise quantity of PHFIX®5 to be added should always take place in a separate container or bucket, and not in the dark spray tank itself. (See the colour table for more info)

Soft water only needs a small quantity of PHFIX®5 and rapidly exhibits the pink colour when the desired pH value has been reached. Hard water requires a higher concentration of PHFIX®5. In this case, the colour changes in stages from yellow to orange to a stable pink (pH 4.5 – 5.0). With hard water, it is recommended to leave the agitator running while adding  PHFIX®5 until the colour has changed.

  1. Determine the pH value and water hardness for the water in your region.
  2. Using the table, calculate the required quantity of PHFIX®5 to be added.
  3. As soon as the solution exhibits a stable pink colour, no more PHFIX®5 must be added.
Water quality (hardness) Quantity for pH 5 in 10 l of water Quantity for pH 5 in 100 l of water
Soft water 4 – 5 ml 40 – 50 ml
Medium-hard water 6 – 12 ml 60 – 120 ml
Hard water 13 – 18 ml 130 – 180 ml
Very hard water 20 ml 200 ml, possibly more

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
88048012 x 1 litres480 litres
8804824 x 3 litres720 litres
8804861 x 20 litres720 litres
8804901 x 640 litres640 litres
8804881 x 1000 litres1000 litres