The PLUS for a
strong start of the crop

Seed dressing
for initial nutrient supply


Liquid seed dressing for the initial nutrient supply to the germinating plants for optimal nutrient availability in the germination phase and up to 6 weeks after emergence. Prevents nutrient deficiency situations caused by dry conditions, wet and cold weather conditions, e.g. for late seeding or unfavourable soil pH values.


Liquid formulation with dimethyl-sulfone. Improves the absorption of micronutrients and the sticking to the seed grains. Prevents the formation of dust.

Nitrogen (N) 30 g/l
Phosphorus *(P2O5) 320 g/l
Potassium (K2O) 60 g/l
Magnesium (MgO) 7,5 g/l
Manganese (Mn) 7,5 g/l
Zinc (Zn) 15 g/l
Copper (Cu) 2,5 g/l
Boron (B) 0,6 g/l
Iron (Fe) 0,6 g/l
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,3 g/l

*contains 200 g/l phosphorus in the form of phosphonate


  • Optimal nutrient supply right from the beginning
  • Improved nutrient absorption capacity of the young plants
  • Prevention of stress due to nutrient deficiency
  • Better initial development
  • Optimal handling properties
  • Reduces abrasion and dust formation

Product description

STARTER PLUS+ ensures an optimal growth start and higher yields through the deposition of added start nutrients onto the seed.

STARTER PLUS+ contains P in the form of readily available phosphonate, which acts as a bio-stimulator for optimal root development. The seed treatment ensures very efficient nutrient supply in the initial phase of crop development up to 60 days after germination. The crops are less susceptible to stress and exhibit good resistance to pathogens.

Product use

Additional furnishing of the seed for all sites, especially recommended for sites with:

  • Periodical poor nutrient availability (e.g. regular dry phases after seeding)
  • Poor soil structure
  • Wet phases when seeding late


According to our experience, STARTER PLUS+ can be mixed with all commercially available insecticide and fungicide seed-dressings without any problems.

Prepared mixtures should be utilised promptly.

Plant tolerance

The seed treatment with STARTER PLUS+ is well tolerated in winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, triticale, oats, winter rapeseed and legumes.

Instructions for use

STARTER PLUS+ is characterised by very uniform and good adhesion on the seed grain. The treated seed exhibits very low abrasion and good flowing properties in the seeder.

Wheat, barley, rye, triticale, oats 200ml/100kg of seed
Winter rapeseed 300ml/100kg of seed
Peas, beans 400ml/100kg of seed

The seed dressing can be applied both in continuous processing systems and in batch dressing equipment without any problems. It is not necessary to add more water.

STARTER PLUS+ is an ideal supplement for fungicide or insecticide protection of the seed. When preparing a tank mix, ensure that it is thoroughly mixed.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
6804282 x 10 litres600 litres