The turbo for
post-emergence herbicides

Penetrator for
leaf-active herbicides


Additive for crop protection product applications of post-emergence herbicides. Penetration agent for leaf-active herbicides with evaporation protection and adhesive properties.

Active substance: 75% polyoxyethylene, propoxypropanol; 15% alkyl polyglycol ether


  • Reliable efficacy even under dry conditions and with pronounced waxy layers
  • Rapid active substance absorption into the leaf at low temperatures
  • Better efficacy against larger weeds and grasses (> 4-6 leaves)
  • More reliability against weeds that are harder to control and problem weeds
  • Cost-effectiveness thanks to significantly improved utilisation of the applied active substance
  • Earlier onset of the herbicidal effect
  • Rapid elimination of weed competition
  • Low application rate
  • Optimal miscibility
  • Full crop tolerance

Product description

SULPRO® is a herbicide additive for post-emergence treatment.

Under difficult application conditions, such as low humidity, hot and dry weather or weeds with thick waxy layers, SULPRO® ensures reliable control success.

SULPRO® contains surface-active components that lower the evaporation rate of the spray solution and simultaneously promote the formation of a very uniform spray film on the leaf surface. The active substance absorption through the leaf is improved, and the active substance applied to the leaf is utilised more efficiently.

Product use

SULPRO® is combined with herbicides for post-emergence treatment, particularly for herbicides from the sulfonylurea group, which exhibit good activity in the neutral pH range, but always need a wetting agent to act quickly enough. Use is particularly recommended when working with reduced application rates, when spraying on weeds that have already developed a hard waxy layer under dry conditions, or when larger weed stages are already dominant in the crop.


SULPRO® can be mixed with all commercially available crop protection products.

Do not use for late applications of growth regulators or in combination with oil-based additives.

Plant tolerance

SULPRO® enhances the efficacy of herbicide mixtures. Herbicide mixtures with the constraint (WP734) “Possible damage to crops” should only be treated with SULPRO® after previous consultation.

Instructions for use

100 – 200 ml/ha (0.1 – 0.2% of the spray solution)

Under dry conditions, the higher application rate should be selected.

Fill 2/3 of the spray tank with water. Add the crop protection product according to the manufacturer specifications. With the agitator running, add SULPRO® and then continue to fill the tank. Use the mixed spray liquid as quickly as possible.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
88044812 x 1 litres480 litres