High strength combination of phosphite and pyroglutamine
for use in the early stages of crop development

Increases root formation and ensures continuously better use of fertiliser N


Biostimulant. TRIGA®420

Maximises root growth in early plant development and optimises the action of Nitrogen Cycle.

Fertiliser type: EC fertiliser, 4.5 % Mn and 1.0% Zn Trace element fertiliser

TRIGA®420 is a formulation with phosphite and pyroglutamic acid (PGA).

A fast uptake liquid foliar fertiliser for high photosynthetic performance in all growth stages – keeps metabolic processes in the optimal range and reduces abiotic stress – for significantly increased yields and better N-utilisation.


  • Intensifies root formation and root growth. Nutrients and water present in the soil can thus be absorbed better
  • Unique zero-N formulation allows use within the restricted period (01. October – 31. January) and in pulse crops
  • Promotes yield and quality, with higher vitality and resilience
  • Easy application with fast uptake and rain  fastness
  • The GREENING EFFECT ensures continuous plant growth

Product description

TRIGA®420 provides the plants with additional energy and thus improves root growth, especially in the early development stage of the crop.

TRIGA®420 moves rapidly from the leaves to the root tips and acts by increasing cell division there.

TRIGA®420 maximises root formation by 40%-60% in early plant development and optimises nitrogen assimilation. The positive effects of phosphites to promote root development are scientifically recognised. Both the University of Kiel (topagrar 8/2019 p. 56 – 60) and the Nottingham University School of Biosciences have found a significant increase in root growth in studies conducted over several years.

TRIGA®420 contains PGA (pyroglutamic acid) as a foliar fertiliser and thus ensures continuous growth and optimum utilisation of the N-reserves in the soil. Visible as the GREENING EFFECT of the plants.

Product use


Application rate: Arable farming 0.5 – 1.0 L/ha

Water application rate:  100 – 200 L/ha (at least 80 L/ha)

Arable crops

Cereals: 0.5 – 0.75 l/ha; EC 12 – 29

Rapeseed: 0.75 – 1.0 l/ha; EC 13 – 30


TRIGA®420 can be mixed with crop protection products and foliar fertilisers. For multi-mixtures, always fill TRIGA®420 into the spray tank first.

Plant tolerance

TRIGA®420 must not be used undiluted. Do not foliar spray in the midday sun, carry out applications preferably in the morning or evening hours.

Instructions for use

Half-fill the spray tank with water, switch on agitation, add the required quantity of TRIGA®420, fill up spray tank.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
6804442 x 10 litres600 litres
6804461 x 640 litres640 litres