The new foliar fertiliser complex
with greening effect


Rapidly available micronutrient fertiliser with pyroglutamic acid. VULKANO for high photosynthetic capacity at all growth stages – keeps metabolic processes in the optimal range and reduces abiotic stress – for significant yield increases!


Nitrogen (N) 140 g/l
Phosphorus Pentoxide  (P2O5) 70 g/l
Potassium oxide  (K2O) 70 g/l
Magnesium oxide  (MgO) – 3,5 g/L Mg 2 g/l
Boron (B) 300 mg/l
Manganese (Mn) 600 mg/l
Copper (Cu) 600 mg/l
Zinc (Zn) 600 mg/l
Molybdenum (Mo) 40 mg/l
+ (PGA) pyroglutamic acid

Product description

Recent investigations have shown that, in addition to a needs-based nutrient supply, the prevention of stress situations in all growth phases is of special significance with regards to obtaining high yields.

Maintaining the photosynthetic capacity is the key to high mass growth. This effect is visible by an intense and long-lasting green colouration of the foliage. As long as the plants are green, yields are being produced.

VULKANO contains PGA (pyroglutamic acid) as a foliar fertiliser, responsible for the GREENING EFFECT on the plants.

Pyroglutamic acid is a natural building block for protein metabolism and plays a central role for nitrogen metabolism as a protein-forming amino acid. Sufficient pyroglutamic acid content in the plant ensures optimum N assimilation efficiency. This is always important when the plant is subject to stress. Stress can have abiotic origins such as extreme temperatures, dryness, waterlogging or herbicide stress, but also phases of intense growth such as tillering, shooting and ear emergence can considerably reduce the pyroglutamic acid levels in the plant. If the pyroglutamic acid level in the plant drops, the N cycle stagnates.

As a result, less nitrogen can be assimilated – in extreme cases, the synthesis cycle is reversed and ammonia accumulates in the plant tissues, clearly shown by leaf yellowing and necrosis.

Such stress situations can occur several times throughout the vegetation period. Timely application of VULKANO helps the plants to rapidly recover from such phases and to continue exploiting their full yield potential.

VULKANO fills the plant’s reserves of natural pyroglutamic acid and ensures continuous growth and optimum use of nitrogen.

Furthermore, VULKANO provides a complete and readily available nutrient supply through the leaf when the uptake of individual nutrients through the soil is limited.

Product use

Sample applications:

Cereals 3,0 L/ha EC 31
3,0 L/ha EC 39
3,0 L/ha EC 51
Rapeseed 3,0 L/ha EC 18
3,0 L/ha EC 61
Potato 3,0 L/ha Tuber appearance
3,0 L/ha Beginning of tuber growth
3,0 L/ha Beginning of flowering
3,0 L/ha + 14 days
Maize 3,0 L/ha 4-leaf stage
3,0 L/ha 8-leaf stage

Application rate:  3,0 L /ha

Water application rate:  80 – 200 L/ha


VULKANO can be mixed with crop protection products.

Cannot be mixed with growth substances, i.e. herbicides containing the active substances mecoprop-P, MCPA or 2,4-D.

Plant tolerance

VULKANO has exhibited good tolerance in all of the field crops tested until now.

Instructions for use

Shake the product before use. Fill half of the spray tank with water, switch on the agitator, add crop protection product if applicable, add VULKANO last and then fill the rest of the spray tank.

Container sizes

Item numberPackage sizePallet unit
6806202 x 10 litres720 litres
6804221 x 640 litres640 litres
6804241 x 1000 litres1000 litres