Company Mission

Our goal

We aim to make the application of crop protection products more effective, cleaner and more economical.

Meanwhile, the application of any crop protection product can be improved through appropriate additive technology. This is also true for the biological performance, e.g. when using drift-reducing injector nozzles, low water volumes or reduced product application rates, and it influences the economical success of the farm like no other cultivation measure.

Standard spray treatments can be economically and biologically optimised by using the right additive. Necessary spray treatments can be performed with adapted application rates. This means: Minimal costs and optimal efficacy of the applied product, resource-conserving crop protection measures and significantly lower spreading losses.

Saving potentials

The permanent conflict in large portions of the population still polarises today between the proponents of integrated chemical crop protection and their radical opponents. As a result, agronomists concluded that a valuable contribution to more environmentally sound crop protection measures is already achieved when implementing improvements in the area of application technology. These often offer much more extensive savings potential than when simply reducing the application rate.

The application of crop protection products, even with state-of-the-art technology, is a process that is subject to a great number of external disruptive factors.
If we succeed in applying 20% more active substance on target, everyone benefits!